How To Install Double Entry Doors

Double entry doors are often the first impression a guest or visitor has of your home. They can convey an impression of a specific exterior decorating style or they can convey a particular image of the homeowner that is desired.

Steps Involved:

Measure for Door Opening – Use a tape measure and find out the width and height of the where you want to install the doors.  If you are planning on installing side lights or a transom above the door, also measure for these additional elements.

Order Doors – You can order doors from almost any large home improvement retailer or from retailers that specialize in doors and windows. You may also consider ordering complimentary side lights and a transom to go above the door for a complete and finished door entry.

Frame Door Opening – The door frame encloses the entire door opening, sealing the interior of the wall, providing additional support for the opening and creates a door sill. In order to frame the door, you will need have boards cut to the height of the door opening sides, create a header for the door by doubling two pieces of lumber to span the space above the door and attach a piece of lumber to the bottom of the door opening.

Hang Door – You can purchase pre-hung doors or hang the door yourself. A pre-hung door will only require that you place the door in the door opening and nail it into place after making sure that it is plumb and square. However, if you choose to hang the door yourself, you will need to install the door frame, make sure the door is plumb and square before attaching hinges to both the frame and the doors and finally hanging the door in place.