How to Install Double Glazed Sash Windows How to Install Double Glazed Sash Windows

What You'll Need
The window
Putty knife
Epoxy primer
Utility knife
Glazing compound
Bathroom scale
Lead weights (if necessary)

Looking for some added sound and heat insulation? Look no further than the steps below on how to install double glazed sash windows.

These windows offer great benefits to both you and your home. They help with noise control, heat insulation, and will also give you a greater sense of security with their lock-in styles. Follow the steps below to help in completing this beneficial project with ease.

Step 1 - Take the Sash Out

First you will want to remove the sash by prying off the stops, which are the lower front sash moldings. Slice around the paint along the joint with your utility knife, and then tap the sash with a mallet until it loosens enough to remove it. After you have removed the stops, gently pull out the lower sashes being careful not to damage anything. Then follow with the upper sashes. Take off the cords and tie a knot in them. Doing this will prevent them from sliding into the weight pockets.

You will want to remove the now visible pockets around the joints before moving on to the next step.

Step 2 - Take Away the Parting Beads

Gently pry, with a crowbar and putty knife, prying the parting beads from the grooves.

Step 3 - Remove the Weights

You will want to untie the weight knot and remove the weight being careful not to hurt the area or yourself.

Step 4 - Get Rid of the Damaged

You will want to chop out any damaged wood, or soft wood. Then use an epoxy primer to re-do these joints. After the epoxy sets you will want to sand any uneven surfaces for a smoother finish.

Epoxy usually takes about 20 minutes to fully set up. Leaving it go for a bit longer ensures a proper set up.

Step 5 - Balance it Out

Using a bathroom scale weigh the weights and the sashes. It is very important that these two items are balanced. You can use lead weights to adjust if necessary.

Step 6 - Re-hang the Top Sash

Pull the bottom cords so the weight arrives at the box top. The cords need to extend through the pulleys and out of the pocket. Attach the cord to the box frame.

Step 7 - Replace the parting beads

Re-attach the parting beads, and seal any gaps found with caulk. Decorator's caulk is available at your local hardware store. Using this type of caulk lets your project blend in a little more than using original caulk.

Step 8 - Re-hang Bottom Sash

Re-attach the bottom sash using the same steps you completed when you re-hung the top sash.

Step 9 - Double Check

Double check to make sure all locks and catches are aligned and working well.

Double Glazed sash windows are a great addition to any home for many reasons. You have just completed a project that will bring you many benefits. Stand back and marvel at the work you've just completed.

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