How to Install Drain Tile on Land

The drain tile system is needed to keep the excess water from getting collected in the basement. If a proper drain tile is not installed, the compound will be filled with water during the rainy season, and it makes the surroundings dirty. Hence it is necessary to install a drain tile on land. The installation of the drain tile is very simple and can be completed within a short time. While constructing a drain system, you should ensure that the drain should have a proper slope to maintain a good flow of water through the drain. 

Drain tile is an essential defense technique to prevent water damage. Drain tile along with the cement footer of the foundation keeps the water away from the foundation to prevent the water from seeping through the cracks and into the basement. Your basement usually comes with a good drain tile system. However you can always choose to install a drain tile yourself. The different steps to install the drain tile on land are given below.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Gravel (Based on the requirement)
  • Perforated drain tile pipe 

Step 1: Dig A Trench

To make a drain tile, dig a trench using the shovel. Make sure that the trench is wide and deep so that the water drains deep into the ground and below the wall foundation. To do this you can either rent a trench digger or hire someone to dig the trench. Dig a good slope, so that the water flows from one end to the other end easily. The slope in the trench will ensure water flow, even when there is less amount of water flowing through the drain.

Step 2: Place the Drain Tile Pipe

After digging the trench the you need to place the drain tile pipe. Place the tile pipe such that the perforations are downwards to prevent clogging. You need to have enough slope to run the drain tile onto the ground. The best solution to counter the clog is to install a sump pump to pump out the excess water from the drain. A sump pump will remove the water that is remaining in the drain. 

Step 3: Cover the Drain With Gravel

Dump the gravel next to the trench rather than lugging the gravel from a far distance. Cover the drain with gravel. Since the gravel is porous, it helps in the easy flow of water through the drain and channels the water into the drain pipe that prevents the water from building up around the foundation. The drain should be filled with at least 12 inches of gravel.

Step 4: Refill the Trench

Your drain tile is now complete and your efforts have paid off and by now all your water problems would have been eliminated. The final step is to refill the trench with displaced mud. Now you can wash your hands, clothes and tools, and relax.

Tips and Warnings

  • Before you can proceed with any type of digging work, call the utility company to make sure that you do not damage the water, power or gas lines.
  • Take the assistance of a trained professional to install a drain tile. Failure in the installation can cause structural damage to your house.