How to Install Dry Wall Plugs

What You'll Need
Drill Bits
Wall Plugs

If you intend to hang shelves or heavy goods from drywall, you should know how to install dry wall plugs. Dry wall plugs are anchors which prevent the items from pulling the screws out of the wall. Wall plugs are usually plastic or metal and come in a variety of styles. Some wall plugs have self tapping screws, for which you simply drill a pilot hole and screw them in. Others need different treatment.

Step 1 – Marking the Pilot Holes

Mark with the pencil the spots where you would like to have the plugs inserted. You do not have to drill into the studs to use dry wall plugs.

Step 2 – Drilling the Holes

Drill pilot holes for the plugs to be inserted into. Make sure the drill bit you use is not too large, otherwise the plug will be loose fitting and will be largely ineffective.

Step 3 – Situating the Plug

Insert the plug into the pilot hole until it resists and then tap it flush to the wall using the hammer. There is no need to bang hard with the hammer, just gently persuade the plug into the hole until the rim sits flush against the dry wall.