How to Install Electric Dollhouse Fixtures

What You'll Need
Dollhouse lighting
Dollhouse wiring kit
Dollhouse electrical fixtures
Eyelet installation tool

Adding electrical fixtures and lighting to your Dollhouse will give it a much more authentic and realistic appearance. Installing electrical fixtures and lighting not only makes a dollhouse more realistic, it simply makes it look a lot better and much more interesting. So, here's a handy step-by-step guide to install electric fixtures in your dollhouse.

Step 1 – Sketch Your Design

Before you begin, you should sit down and carefully plan and sketch your design for electrical lighting and fixtures in your dollhouse. You should determine where fixtures, outlets and switches will be placed, and also consider that placement of these items will need to be wired so that the connections can be hidden or out of the way.

Step 2 - Purchase Materials

Once you have determined the way you want your electrical fixtures and lighting to be installed in your dollhouse, you will need to purchase a dollhouse wiring kit as well as any fixtures, switches and outlets that you will need. You can purchase a dollhouse wiring kit at many craft or hobby store as well as at various online retailers. Most wiring kits will provide everything you need to properly wire your dollhouse, and will also come with thorough instructions that tell you exactly what to do. You can also purchase the other items you will need such as miniature fixtures and eyelets as well. Finally, you will need to purchase lighting for your dollhouse. You can purchase miniature lamps that will plug in to eyelets used as outlets or purchase push-in globe lights that do not require an outlet and can be pushed into a wall anywhere that there is electrical wiring in place.

Step 3 - Wire the Dollhouse

Once you have purchased all your needed materials, follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the wiring kit in your dollhouse. Pay close attention to the instructions on how to hide the wiring inside the house so that your dollhouse will seem more realistic in appearance.

Step 4 - Install Outlets

Using the eyelets and eyelet installation tool, push and an eyelet into the wall location for your outlet and secure it with the tool. Make sure that the eyelet is installed through the wiring or the outlet will not be able to provide electricity for your fixtures or lighting.

Step 5 - Install Switches and Other Fixtures

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for properly installing any light switches or other fixtures for your dollhouse. When wiring your switches, make sure to follow the instructions exactly. Installing light switches and other types of miniature fixtures for your dollhouse will require a lot of patience, precision and some skill. You may want to consider buying a few other switches just in case you make a mistake.

Step 6 - Hook Up the Transformer

Your dollhouse wiring kit should come with a transformer suitable for the wiring in your dollhouse. Follow the directions for connecting your dollhouse wiring to the transformer, and then plug it into the nearest electrical outlet. There should now be light in your dollhouse.