How to Install Electric RV Beds

What You'll Need
RV electric bed
Tamper proof outlets/receptacles
Extension wires (if needed)

If you own a recreational vehicle, you may want to install an RV bed. This type of bed is especially popular with people who are constantly on the move. An electric RV bed is the best option if you are the type of person who needs to recline and lift the bed position while resting. You can recline the head portion alone, or the foot portion alone, or both at the same time. Having a bed inside your RV will make your rest complete while you are on the road. Follow this advice when installing an RV bed.

Step 1 - Choose Your Location

Given that your RV unit already has the necessary system to fuel your electrical needs, the next important thing to decide is where to station your electrical RV bed. Some people prefer to keep their RV bed in an inconspicuous area so that they have more space for other activities. Other RV owners choose to permanently station their RV beds in a specific part of the RV, such as the bedroom. The location for the bed should be considered before you buy a bed because it will help you determine the size of bed and the power available in that area. You will need sufficient power to allow the electrical RV bed to function.

Step 2 - Electric Availability

To ensure that your electrical RV bed will be functioning well, you must have a socket in the chosen spot. Make sure that the electricity flowing into it will be enough to fuel the bed’s functions. Understanding the electrical flow is very important to avoid potential short circuits or fires. You can refer to the manufacturer’s notes of your electrical RV bed to get clarification on the appropriate power that is needed to operate the unit.

There are RV electric beds that need switches or a gauge-18 wire for connection to the motor of the RV. The switch should have a 10-gauge multi strand ground and wires with +12V. One key tip to wiring your RV bed is to choose the shortest route to your motor from the RV bed. The shorter the wire is, the better your electric RV bed will perform.

Step 3 - Connect to Power

Once you have determined that the power flow from the socket is sufficient to fuel the electrical RV bed, you may now test the unit by plugging the socket to the receptacles. Turn on the switch and test the unit to see if it is functioning well. You can refer to the user’s manual of the RV bed for you to verify that the unit is working as expected. Otherwise, check on the unit for defects or try plugging the unit again. Remember to turn off the switch first, then remove the plug from the socket.