How to Install Exterior Corbels

What You'll Need
Masonry Anchors
Tape measure
Spirit level

If you want to hang some exterior corbels outside your home, then you will need to measure up the area carefully. Exterior corbels can add a touch of elegance to any home, but poorly placed and wrongly fitted, they can look like a complete mess. In order to ensure that you can fit your corbels to the door without any problems, you first need to select a good-looking pair of corbels. These could be in wood or metal, and range from the very simplest designs to something complicated in wrought iron. In order to get the most from your corbels, consider their appearance on the exterior of your house before you buy.

Step 1 - Preparing the Corbels

Start by preparing the corbels. When they arrive from the store, you should take them out of the box, and give them a good clean. If necessary, put them in water in give them a scrub. Items which have been in the store for a while can collect dust, and you need to get this off before you decorate your corbels. Dry them off overnight, and then you can add paint to them, so that they match the exterior of your home, or you can give them a layer of varnish. It is a good idea to varnish even metal corbels, as being on the exterior will expose them to bad weather. If you don't protect your exterior corbels like this, they can start to look shabby in a few months.

Step 2 - Adding Screw Holes

Next, measure up where you want the corbels to be. Use a tape measure to work out how high off the ground each corbel should be, and make a note of the attachment hole in the back of each corbel. You can add an outline of the corbel by placing it in position, levelling it off with a spirit level, and then drawing around it with some chalk. Remove the corbel, and drill a hole. Using your spirit level, mark off a matching hole on the opposite side of the door or window. You should then make a hole in that side.

Step 3 - Add the Exterior Corbels

Place a small masonry anchor into each drilled hole, and then add a screw. Screw this down until you only have a small area, about one inch, left exposed. You can then take your corbels, and add some wood glue to their back. Give them a good cover, and then place one of the corbels over the screw. Push the corbel backwards to secure it to the wall. Repeat for the other side. Once you have both corbels in place, you can then add more wood glue around the edges of the piece. This will help to strengthen the corbel, and keep it hanging into the wall. Once you have added these corbels, it is a good idea to maintain them regularly by cleaning, and adding a new layer of varnish once a year.