How to Install Faux Stone Fireplace Surrounds How to Install Faux Stone Fireplace Surrounds

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Caulking gun
Construction adhesive
Small pry bar
Utility knife
Stone fireplace surround
Saw knife
Sanding block

A surround is most commonly found on a tub or shower but there is such a thing as stone fireplace surrounds. If you own a fireplace that is plain you can add beauty and distinction to it without the expensive price tag. A fireplace can cost well over a $1,000.00 but stone fireplace surrounds can cost a few hundred and less if you install them yourself. Stone fireplace surrounds give look of stone without the hassle. They are easy to install and go over an existing fireplace. The Following article will show you how it is done.

Step 1 – Remove the Mantle

Stone fireplace surrounds come in several styles which typically include a mantle. You can purchase stone fireplace surrounds that fit over an existing mantle. Carefully slide the pry bar between the wall and mantle and then apply leverage to pull it away from the wall. Some mantles are installed by sliding them into grooves. For these mantles you merely have to lift them off the wall. Some may have the edges sealed with silicone or other adhesive. If this is the case cut the adhesive with a utility knife.

Step 2 – Fit the Surround

Place the new mantle on the wall in place of the old one. Check to ensure it is level. Slide the rest of the surround in place. It will fit under or over the mantle. This depends on which of the stone fireplace surrounds you purchased is like. Check the front of the fireplace entrance for clearance on each side of the surround. Stone fireplace surrounds should not cover any bit of the fireplace and need to be trimmed to fit to make sure it doesn’t. Use the pencil and mark any areas that overlap the entrance to the fireplace on bother sides and the top. Remove the entire surround and place it on a work surface. The mantle can be placed off to the side. Trim the surround using the saw knife and then sand the rough edges.

Step 3 – Installation

With the pieces trimmed you can then begin to install the surround. Stone fireplace surrounds need a textured surface in which to adhere to. Use the utility to score the wall where the sides of surround and mantle will be placed. Remove the tip of the construction adhesive and put it in the caulking gun. Place adhesive where the sides of the surround will be placed leaving a ¼-inch space from the edges. To make a secure fit between stone fireplace surrounds and the wall also apply adhesive directly to the surround. Line the surround up to the entrance of the fireplace and press it in place. Apply pressure to make sure the adhesive works into the grooves you made but also to remove air bubbles. Add adhesive to the top of the base, the wall and the mantle and then lower it in place. Check the level and then press in place.

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