How to Install Flush Mount Deck Lights How to Install Flush Mount Deck Lights

What You'll Need
Safety glasses
Electric drill
Drill bits (check light specifications for sizing)
Staple gun
12 Volt outdoor lighting wire
Electrical tape
Flush mount deck lights
Low voltage transformer

Deck light fixtures are a great addition to any deck. Not only do they add beauty and value to your home, they make your deck safer to use at night by adding illumination and highlighting potentially dangerous obstacles. One very popular type of deck lighting is the flush mounted deck light. Coming in round or rectangular shapes, these lights install even with the floor of your deck and are safe to walk on. The following is a brief explanation of how to install these lights.

Step 1 – Decide Location for Lights

Using a pencil and some paper, make a quick drawing of your deck and deck furniture. Use this sketch to decide where you want to place your lights and the transformer. You can also use this sketch to help plan how to run the wiring.

Step 2 – Drill Holes for the Lights

Using your drawing, arrange the lights around the deck. Following manufacturer’s instructions to select the proper sized drill bits, drill sockets into the deck floor. Make sure that you're drilling straight into the wall; if you drill at an angle, the sockets might wiggle out of place. Each socket should be just deep enough so that the top of the light will be level with the top of your deck.

Step 3 – Fitting the Lights

Once the sockets are drilled, drop the lights into place.

Step 4 – Connecting the Wiring

Under the deck, make sure the leads on the lights are connected to the 12 Volt outdoor lighting wire. Then, in order to get power, hook the outdoor lighting wire to your transformer or circuit box. Finally, in order to prevent any dangerous accidents, cover any areas where the wires connect with electrical tape. 


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