How to Install Frameless Shower Screens

A bathroom with frameless shower door.
  • 24-48 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 350-500
What You'll Need
Frameless shower screen
Masonry bit
Phillips screwdriver
Vinyl sweep

Frameless shower screens are made from compressed smooth glass. They make any bathroom look great. but unlike a regular shower curtain or glass shower door, they can last you a lifetime if installed correctly.


Remember to keep power tools turned off when not in use. Double-check that they are off before you plug them into a power source. Since you will be working in the bathroom, make sure that the floor and everything around the worksite is dry. Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.

Step 1 - Measure

First measure the length and width of the shower opening. Factor the 1/16-inch jam. That way you can buy the shower screen in the correct size. Measure the middle point of the opening to determine whether the measurements are the same on either side of the middle point.

Step 2 - Diagram and Order

Draw a diagram of your bathroom and record the measurements. Then take it to your local home improvement store and order your new screen.

Step 4 - Place Hinges and Handle

Read the instructions that came with the screen and locate where the hinges should be. Once you know where they should be placed, you can begin to screw them on. Make sure that they are tight. Next, install the handles.

Step 5 - Install Screen

Using the masonry drill bit, drill holes into the wall and install drill sturdy wall anchors into the wall studs. Then lift the screen onto the anchors and shim it into place. Doing so will allow room for the vinyl sweep that will keep your floor water free. Once you have it connected it to the wall, open and close it to make sure it moves properly.

Step 6 - Vinyl Sweep

Slide the vinyl sweep under the door and anchor it. You can use any waterproof adhesive or tape to hold it on the floor.

This project is time and money demanding, but is worth it when it is done. Not only will you have a better-looking bathroom, but you will also have a longer-lasting shower stall.