How to Install Furnace Blower Bearings

What You'll Need
Replacement ball bearings
Operating manual

If you have an aging furnace or heat source, the furnace blower may eventually start to fail, often indicated by noise. Noise coming from the furnace most likely means that you need to replace the blower bearings. You will have to remove the blower and take out the old ball bearings before fitting in new ones. This is actually quite a complicated job, and you may consider calling in an expert. However, if you have some basic home improvement skills you should be able to handle this job on your own. All you have to do is follow a few simple guidelines.

Step 1: Open Up the Blower

The first step is to open up the furnace blower so that you can inspect the unit. Turn the furnace around, and unscrew the blower from its location. It can sometimes be quite complicated working out how to remove the blower, and you will need to check your operating manual if you have one. Either that, or you will have to examine it closely to work out the problem. You should then take it to a table, or other flat surface, where you can open it up further by unscrewing the sides. Remove the screws and keep them in a safe place, as they should be good enough to fit back onto the blower when you have finished.  

Step 2: Remove the Old Bearings

Next you will have to take out the old ball bearings. Hold the blower in your hand and tip them out. The bearings should fall into your hand. you may have to poke them out using a screwdriver or other implement, but once they are free of their mechanisms, the bearings should just fall into your hand.

Step 3: Insert the New Bearings

Once that is completed, you will have to replace the old bearings with some others. It is a good idea to rub them carefully in oil before you insert them, in order to ensure that they roll about well. Keep your fingers tight around the bearing, and push them into the tubes from which the others were taken. You should be able to feel them pressing up against the sides.

Step 4: Finishing

Before you finish the project you will have to fit the blower back together. Put all of the blower screws into place, and tighten them until the blower is secure. Then, take the blower to the furnace, and reposition it so that the blower fits firmly into place. Screw down into position, and tighten. You can then put the furnace back into its usual place, and start it up again. Check the blower to make sure that it is functioning correctly.