How to Install Garden Fence Panels

What You'll Need
Post hole digger
Fence posts
Garden fence panels
Spirit level

Garden fence panels are one of the best ways of ensuring your privacy from the outside world. These panels can be bought pre-made, so all that you have to do is slide them into position, and make sure that they have some stable supports. Rather than constructing your own fence out of wood boards, these garden fence panels are designed to be constructed in a matter of hours, and with a limited amount of effort, although you may be glad to bring along a friend to help you get these panels into the ground.

Step 1 - Prepare the Posts

Before you can begin fitting the garden fence posts to the area, you will need to prepare the ground and install fence posts in the area. First, dig out the holes for the posts using a post hole digger. You should then place a post by each of the holes. Starting at the first post, have your friend help you push the post into the hole, and then secure it by filling up the extra space with stones or gravel. Make sure that the posts are completely secure before you let go of that post, and proceed to the next. Carry on securing the posts until you have finished all of them.

Step 2 - Install the Panels

Once the posts are in place, hold up the panel between the first two posts, and have your friend hold this up while you nail it to the posts using a hammer. Make sure that there are enough nails to allow you to secure the panel to the post effectively, as you don't want your fence blowing away during a storm. You should also have some spare pieces of wood which you nail to the panel in order to keep it secure while you go around the garden, adding panels to all of the posts available. Check the evenness of your panels by using a spirit level to make sure that they are all the same level.

Step 3 - Finishing the Panels

Once you have finished all of the panels, you should cut off enough of the posts so that they are around 2 inches above the level of the fence. You should then add a series of capping strips to the top of the fence posts, as these will help to ensure that the panels and posts stay securely in the ground. With these caps in place, and the panels secured to the posts, you can mix up some concrete, and pour it into the holes where the gravel has been inserted. Leave it overnight to allow it to set, and then in the morning, remove the support struts which were holding the panels upright. You should now be able to look at the fence, and ensure that it is completely straight.