How to Install Gazebo Curtains

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Outdoor Curtains
Curtain Rods
Curtain Rings

Gazebo curtains create splendor and practicality to your outdoor living space. They also add privacy for the occupant, and protect from sunlight and mosquitoes. The open sides of a gazebo are like windows, and without curtains they look bare and dull. This eye catching improvement will also add value to your home.

Gazebos are, by design, open to the elements and nature. By installing curtains, not only are you guarded, but also given an all year round usage of your outdoor room. Available in many different colors and designs, these curtains transform your gazebo in an ideal escape for relaxation. Installing them is a fairly easy job. Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1 – Fabric Measurements

Measure the length of fabric you need, by taking the distance from the opening of your gazebo to the ground, minus around 4 to 6 inches so the curtain does not touch the ground. To determine the width of your new curtains measure the top of your gazebo roof from edge to edge and multiply it 1 1/2 times. You make extra width of material so the curtain is not stretched around when hanged.

Step 2 – Choosing your Curtains

Choosing the right material of your gazebo is very important, so you will not need to replace them periodically due to wear and tear. Purchase outdoors fabrics intended to withstand the elements. There are fabrics are water repellent, mildew and fade resistant. Waterproof curtains are ideal for areas with frequent rainfall, snow and ice. Canvas, duck and vinyl coated sheers are a good choice.

Step 3 – Determine the Location of the Rods

Decide where you are going to install your outdoor curtain rods, and mark the location on 1 support column. After, measure the height from the rod to the ground so you make the same measurement on the other column. Mark the opposite support column in the exact position of the other one. This will ensure that the curtain will hang evenly.

Step 4 – Installation of the Rods

Mount your first curtain rod, by drilling the screws (provided with your curtain rods) in the support column. Use your markings done previously as a guide. Repeat for the second mount on the opposite column. Secure the curtain rods in the rod mounts, 1 side at a time. If you have a long curtain rod, 2 people are needed for maneuvering. The same procedure applies if you need more than 1 rod around the gazebo.

When choosing what kind of rods are good for your gazebo, make sure you buy weather resistant ones, to prevent them from rusting.

Step 5 – Putting-Up the Curtains

Once the rods are installed, remove them from the mount. Slide the curtains from 1 side of the rod. Hang the curtains and rod in place, by putting onto the rod mounts. If necessary, you can add curtain rings for support.

This little home project will give you the opportunity to utilize to the fullest your beautiful gazebo, without worrying about pestering bugs, curious neighbors, heat or rain. Once you are done, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature without the burden of outdoor discomforts.