How to Install Gel Fireplace Inserts

What You'll Need
Durable cardboard
Tin snips
Chimney caulk
Flue liner

If you want to have a fireplace but your homes is not suited for it, gel fireplace inserts make be the answer. Gel fireplace inserts are ventless, which means no harmful gasses or toxins enter the home. Another advantage to gel fireplace inserts is that they don't require a chimney. While a real fireplace canbe installed in any home with enough work, it would cost you thousands of dollars. Gel fireplace inserts cost several hundred and will also save you money on heating your home. They are more effective than typical fireplaces because they do not allow heat to escape from your home. If you have a fireplace currently you can install a gel fireplace insert very easily. Here's how.

Step 1 – Line it Up

Gel fireplace inserts meant for a home without a chimney can be purchased and placed against a wall rather easily. Placing gel fireplace inserts in a fireplace that already exists is also easy but you need to line it up first. Lay the cardboard flat on the hearth of the fireplace and make sure that it can slide freely inside of it. Trim the cardboard if you need to in order to make it fit. Carefully place the gel fireplace inert on top of the cardboard and make sure it is centered and flat.

Step 2 – Installation

With the gel fireplace insert lined up and on the cardboard you can now insert it inside the fireplace opening. Do this by sliding the insert, on top of the cardboard, into the fireplace until it reaches the back of the fireplace. Do not remove the cardboard yet as you may need it to make minor adjustments to the insert. Take out the damper from the fireplace and then slide the liner of the flue down from the chimney top. Place the bottom end of it inside the adapter on the collar of the flue. It is located at the very top of the insert. Use screws to attach the liner and the collar. Use the tin snips to remove the excess.

Step 3 – Affix the Insert

Along the sides and top of the insert; use chalk to mark the sides and the front of the opening to the fireplace. Grip the cardboard and pull the insert out slightly so that the holes that are predrilled along the sides and top are lined up. Place the extender supplied with the insert on the insert with screws but do not tighten. Move the panel so that it covers the chalk lines and then tighten the screws. The side panels are installed in the same way as the top panel.

Step 4 – Finishing Up

Place caulk between the extender panels and the insert as well as where the side panels and the top panel meet the fireplace. Install the strips of the insulation behind the panel. You can now slide the insert back in place.