How to Install Glass Floating Wall Shelves

What You'll Need
Glass floating wall shelves
Mounting template
Measuring tape
Mounting brackets (if any) and screws
Wall saw
Adhesive caulking

Floating wall shelves add a touch of class to any room. These wonderful shelves are called as floating shelves because they do not have any visible supports; so they look as if they are floating on your wall. However, do not be fooled by looks; floating wall shelves can hold as much weight as any other kinds of shelves. If you want to install glass floating wall shelves in your house, follow the below simple steps. 

Step 1 – Select the Shelves

The design and thickness of glass used in your floating wall shelves plays a crucial role in deciding how much weight they can carry. Before you buy shelves, identify how much weight you need them to bear and select the shelves accordingly. Avoid using thin, annealed glass shelves if you are going to be placing heavy objects on them. If you are looking to place a sizable load on your shelves, not only should the glass be sufficiently thick and tempered, corner floating wall shelves or shelves with one visible support may be a better option. 

Step 2 – Placement

After deciding on what to place on your glass floating wall shelves, you have to decide how to arrange the shelves themselves for best effect. Some people prefer to put their shelves in straight rows while others opt for a staggered look. If you are placing shelves atop one another, ensure that there is sufficient room for the object that you want placed on that shelf. 

Step 3 – Marking

Once you have decided where your shelves will go, it is time to use the template to mark out the exact grooves that have to be cut into the wall. Depending on the designs of your glass floating wall shelves, you may even have to install brackets behind the shelves. Do ensure that your measurements and markings are accurate; otherwise you may end up with lopsided shelves. 

Step 4 – Saw and Drill

Use the wall saw to cut the grooves in the wall as per the markings from the template. If your floating wall shelves have brackets, you may just have to drill holes in the walls to affix the bracket using the supplied screws. Before drilling or cutting into the wall, do ensure that there are no electrical wires running behind the area that has to be cut/drilled. 

Step 5 – Fix the Shelves

Once you have cut out the grooves, check to see if the floating wall shelves fit into them. Once you have verified that the shelves are fitting properly, apply adhesive caulking on the edges of the shelves and then slide them into the grooves that you have cut into the wall. Allow the caulking to dry before you place any weight on the shelves. If your shelves came with brackets, use the supplied screws to securely attach the bracket to the wall. Then attach the shelves onto the brackets using the concealed screws.