How to Install a Granite Bathroom Countertop

granite countertop
  • 2-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 250-750
What You'll Need
Granite bathroom countertop
Granite backsplash
Silicon adhesive
Putty knife
Pipe wrench
Pry bar

There’s no doubt that granite bathroom countertops add a great deal to a bathroom. They’re far better and much sturdier than Formica or other materials. Although it's more expensive, the finished effect is well worth the money. Granite bathroom countertops are not difficult to install although you might need help lifting a new installation into place as granite is very heavy.

Step 1 - Selecting the Granite

Visit a home improvement store to see a selection of granite bathroom countertops. Before jumping in the car, you need to make a template of your existing bathroom countertop showing the exact position of the sink and faucets. Once you’ve picked your granite, the store will use your template to cute the granite with the correct hole for the sink and faucets.

Step 2 - Removing the Old Countertop

Shut off the water to the bathroom sink using the stop flow valves in the undersink cabinet. Run the faucets until no more water comes out. Use the pipe wrench to loosen the connections for both the hot and cold water pipes. Now, loosen the drain from the sink. Take your putty knife and break the caulk where the sink meets the countertop. Gently lift out the old sink and set it aside carefully. Use the pry bar to remove the old backsplash. To remove the old countertop, unscrew it from the cabinet.

Step 3 - Installing the Granite

Lift the granite bathroom countertop into place to check that it aligns properly. If you have a long countertop, you’ll need the help of a friend for this or you won’t be able to lift it safely. Remember to always lift with your legs. Lift the countertop again and apply a heavy bead of silicon adhesive where the countertop will rest on the cabinet. Put the countertop back into place and leave the adhesive for an hour to dry.

Since the faucets will sit outside the sink, put them on next. Secure them in place and attach to the hot and cold water pipes with the pipe wrench. Put the sink in place to make sure it fits properly. Once a good fit has been established, remove it and run a bread of clear silicon caulk around the lower rim where the sink will meet the countertop. Put the sink back into place and attach it to the drain. Apply a thin bead of clear silicon caulk around the join between the faucets and the granite bathroom countertop.

Step 4 - Backsplash

Apply silicon glue along the length of your backsplash and slide it into place, making sure it’s flush against the granite bathroom countertop. Leave it for an hour to dry.

To finish, put a bead of clear silicon caulk between the backsplash and the countertop. Turn on the faucets to make sure the water is running and draining properly. Wipe the granite and the bathroom sink with a damp cloth to remove any dust that has been left by the installation process.