How to Install Granite Tile Bullnose over Laminate

What You'll Need
Granite Bullnose Tiles
Tile Adhesive
Measuring Tape
Masking Tape
Plastic Spreaders
Grout Mix

If you are interested in using granite tile bullnose in your kitchen, there is no reason not to install it yourself.

Step 1 - Taking Measurements

To begin, figure out the height of your bullnose tiles. Measure the tile from edge to edge, keeping in mind that, unless you are installing a corner tile on a corner, you will need to add 1/8 inch to account for space between tiles and grout. Next, measure this same distance on your laminate surface. Use your masking tape to mark a line parallel to the edge at this distance away from it. Make sure to measure at multiple points on this line of masking tape, as you want it to be perfectly straight and parallel to the edge.

Step 2 - Placing Adhesive

Before you begin to install your tiles, you will have to place your tile adhesive down in the proper location. Spread it evenly between the edge you are installing your granite tiles onto and the masking tape line you have just put down. It is acceptable to put adhesive on top of the line. However, do not cross the line entirely under any circumstances, as the purpose of the masking tape is to remove excess adhesive when you are done, and passing it would defeat this purpose.

Step 3 - Installing Tiles

Now that you have your adhesive placed, you can put your granite bullnose tiles over it. Place them firmly, and make sure that they are parallel to both the edge and your line of masking tape. Use plastic spreaders between them to ensure that you have enough space for grout.

Allow one day to pass before you continue. This should give the adhesive enough time to dry.

Step 4 - Installing Grout

First, remove the plastic spreaders. Next, get out a bucket and mix water with your grout powder. Use the instructions that came with your grout mix to figure out the exact proportions. However, you should be aware that no matter the particular brand you use, the grout mix should end up looking like a thick paste.

Once you have your grout mixed properly, you can apply it. Get out your trowel and, holding it at a 30 degree angle to your tiles, spread it in the space between them. Do not worry about how much you are using, simply be sure to fill the crack thoroughly. Once you have done this, scrape off the excess with the side of your trowel.

Give your grout 30 minutes to harden, then rub your tiles with a damp sponge to remove any grout haze from them.

Step 5 - Sealing the Grout

Let the grout cure for three days. After this amount of time has passed, get out your commercial grout sealing product and paintbrush. Use the paintbrush to apply the sealant, and then let it dry.