How to Install Green Tin Roofing Sheets How to Install Green Tin Roofing Sheets

What You'll Need
Work gloves
Tar paper
Cap nails
Tin roofing
Tin snips
Roofing nails
Plastic cement
Putty knife

Learn to install green tin roofing sheets if you’re both low on cash and environmentally conscious. This inexpensive way to renovate your home is also eco-friendly in that you can purchase recycled metal sheets. Furthermore, you’ll also be contributing to a healthy earth by avoiding the use of asphalt, which needs to be replaced more often and accumulates in landfills because it’s so difficult to recycle. 

Step 1 – Remove Your Old Roof 

It’s best to install tin roofing on a roof that doesn’t have extremely steep slopes. Have someone spot you on the ladder so that you can climb up onto your roof to inspect its design. Make sure you have flat shoes on with a grip on the sole for traction while you walk across the roof. If your roof shape seems appropriate for metal roofing, put on a pair of work gloves and start pulling off all of the old shingles. The old roofing material will most likely be attached with nails so use the backend of the hammer to pull all of the roofing nails out. 

Step 2 – Nail On Tar Paper 

Hammer in cap nails to attach tar paper on the roof surface, working from the bottom to the top of the roof. The cap nails should be spaced 1 foot apart from each other across the whole sheet. Tar paper is made of a fiberglass-tar compound that adds a protective layer to your roof, preventing water and bugs from entering your home. It also acts as a barrier from the sound that rain makes on corrugated metal. Overlap rolls of tar paper by 6 inches to make sure that there aren’t any exposed spaces. 

Step 3 – Prepare the Surface and the Sheets 

Measure the length and width of each green tin roofing sheet. Now, measure your roof and plan how you’ll place each tin sheet. Use chalk to draw lines on the roofing felt, marking the positions of each of the roofing sheets. When making these plans, take into consideration that you’ll be overlapping the tin sheets and that you want each sheet to hang over the edge of the roof by 2 inches. Based on your measurements, use tin snips to cut the sheets into the sizes necessary for your roof. 

Step 4 – Attach the Tin Sheets 

Starting at the bottom of your roof, position the first tin sheet following your chalk lines as a guide. Hammer in roofing nails at 6 inch intervals to attach the corrugated roofing sheet to the tar paper. Overlap the tin sheets as you did with the tar paper, matching ridges and troughs. Use a putty knife to apply plastic cement at all the edges where the green tin roofing sheets overlap. When the plastic cement dries, it will barricade against the elements and against insects that could weasel their way into the smallest openings.

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