How to Install Gutter Covers

What You'll Need
Gutter cover
Strong, solid rod
Stiff brush
Working gloves and eye goggles

There are two main types of gutter covers: vinyl and aluminum. They are designed to fit comfortably at the top of rain gutters. They are easy to install, as the job only requires the use of simple tools. The main benefit of having gutter covers is that they keep rain gutters clean. This minimizes the need for regular cleaning. It also helps keep away dirt, debris and leaves, which can easily block the channel.

Step 1 – Get Quality Gutters

Make sure to buy quality and long lasting gutter covers from a hardware store. Estimate the length of gutter covers that will comfortably fit on the gutters already in place. Obtain a strong and secure ladder.

Step 2 – Clean Gutter

Position the ladder in a safe manner and make sure it provides necessary support while working on the gutter. Over time, gutters fill up with dirt, debris, leaves, twigs, bird droppings and other particles. Use a stiff brush to sweep away such materials and empty them in a bucket using a scoop. Remove hardened dirt too.

Inspect the entire gutter. Look for corrosion, rust or any other kind of damage. If it is too damaged consider making a replacement. Only work with a gutter that is in good condition. Also, check for loose connections and fasten such points.

Step 3 – Remove Gutter Spikes

If the gutters have spikes, gently remove them. If it is necessary, replace them with new ones. Use a drill to fix new threaded spikes. Make sure they are fast enough and secure.

Step 4 – Install Vinyl Gutter Covers

Lift the vinyl gutter covers to the top of the roof. These are easy to fix. Obtain a screwdriver or a strong, solid rod and use where there is difficulty in sliding the ends under the shingles. Apply some pressure when attaching the cover. Make sure the groove snaps easy and comfortably over the edge of the gutter.

Step 5 – Install Aluminum Gutter Cover

There are two methods used to fix aluminum gutter covers. They are available as a roll or clip-on sectional.

Lift the gutter covers and attach them on the gutter by pressing the clips on to the edge of the gutter. Repeat this until the entire system is covered properly. Inspect the covers again and watch out for loose clips.


  • Not protecting the downspouts might interfere with the effectiveness of the gutter system. Make sure they are covered when installing gutter covers.
  • Be patient when installing the cover since it is easy to damage them. Take care especially when the gutter keeps moving or it is bent at some points.
  • It is advisable to inspect the gutter systems regularly. Harsh or heavy winds can easily pop or lift the gutters.