How to Install Headlights on a Golf Cart

What You'll Need
Headlight kit

In order to drive a golf cart on the road, you will need to install some headlights. Golf carts which travel on public roads must be equipped with headlights, turn indicators and stop lights. This is in order to comply with state laws regulating the driving of carts on streets, and this is enforced by most states in the US mainland. While this is sometimes a matter which you can take to a professional, there are plenty of ways in which you can install your own headlights. If you have some basic car maintenance knowledge, by following a few simple rules you can equip your car with all of the lights they need so that you can drive them legally through the streets of your town.

Step 1 - Screw on Your Headlights

The first thing you will need to do is to remove your headlights from the pack and place them onto the front of the golf cart. Any pack will usually have specific instructions about where to place the card, but generally they must be fixed so that they illuminate the road in front of you, but do not shine directly into oncoming cars. Make sure that their position means that they are clearly visible to the drivers of these cars, so that they know you are there. Fixing them into position using screws, which may be supplied in the kit.

Step 2 - Plug in Headlights

Plug in your headlight cables into the main electrical system of the car. You will usually have included in your headlight kit a series of cables with a switch at one end which can be turned on and off when they have been fitted to the wheel. The instructions will give you a clearer idea of where to place the lights cables, as this can differ between makes and models. Place the connections on to the side of the wheel, and connect to the power lines. Draw the cables through the engine, and tie off using pliers and scissors. You may need to strip wire from the end of the cables in order to attach them to the wheel. Push them through the connections, and then screw down tightly. You should then be able to clip the switch over the edge of the connections.

Step 3 - Turn your Headlights on

In order to test whether your headlights work, turn them on before driving your cart on the road. This is best done at night, or in a darkened area, so that you can examine the length and power of the beam cast. This is also a good time to check the angle of your lights to ensure the safety of other drivers. Start your engine, and with the motor running, turn the power switch which is connected to the lights. You should produce a continuous beam of light using this method.