How to Install Heated Car Seat Covers How to Install Heated Car Seat Covers

What You'll Need
Heated car seat covers

Nothing makes a long car ride on a cold morning more comfortable than heated car seat covers. Follow these steps and you can have a warm seat for your car.

Step 1: Covering your Seat

This process is simple and fast. First, remove the seat cover from its package. Then, loosely affix the seat cover over the seat. Make sure the top of the seat cover is over the headrest and pull it down tightly over the headrest. Fit the rest of the cover over the seat. If installing more than one, repeat this process.

Step 2: Smooth Out Cover

Smooth out the cover so it is flush with the seat. Make sure the cables are not bent or damaged.

Step 3: Check Cables

Once your seat cover is installed, plug it into the cigarette lighter while the car is running. At this point you can adjust your heat settings, but it will take a few minutes to get the seat fully heated. Note that you should not install covers while the car is in full sunlight. This will prevent the seats from heating up quickly because the thermometer will perceive the temperature as being too high.

Your heated car seat covers are ready to go.

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