How to Install Hinge Bolts for Added Door Security Part 1

What You'll Need
Hinge Bolts (6 per door)
Hinge Bolt Plate
Drill Bit
Sharp Utility Knife

This article is a two part article on how to install hinge bolts to your doors in order to provide additional security. Hinge bolts are placed in a position above and below your door's hinge. For most doors in your home, a total of six hinge bolts need to be installed in order to boost security.

In this first article we will discuss the supplies and materials needed, along with where to position the hinge bolts and drill holes in the edge of the door. In the second article of this two part series, we will discuss marking the frame and the actual installation of the hinge bolts.

Step 1: Determine the Position of the Hinge Bolts

With a pencil you need to mark the position of the hinge bolts for the door. You need to install a minimum of two hinge bolts for each door. One of the bolts will be positioned just above the hinge and the other below the hinge. To increase the security of the door you should place one hinge bolt below each lower door and upper door hinge, resulting in the installation of four to six hinge bolts per door. Mark the location of each hinge bolt with a pencil.

Step 2: Purchase the Supplies

Purchase the supplies and tools listed in the materials list above at a hardware store or home improvement center for the installation of the hinge bolts. You need to make sure that you have a drill bit that matches the diameter of the hinge bolt. If not, you will need to purchase one. 

Step 3: Prepare the Door for the Hinge Bolt Plate

You need to place the hinge bolt plate in position where the hinge bolt will be installed. Center the hole of the plate with the marking made on the wall previously in Step 1. Take your pencil and mark the upper and lower position of the plate. This is necessary for you to chisel out the area after you drill the hole for the hinge bolt for the installation of the hinge bolt plates. Before you proceed to Step 4, take a sharp utility knife and score the markings, while holding the hinge bolt plate in place. Scoring the area will make it easier to chisel out the area and install the hinge bolt plate. 

Step 4: Drill Holes

With the holes marked for the hinge bolts and the position of the hinge bolt plates marked and scored with the utility knife, you can take your drill and place the drill bit inside. After locking the drill bit into place, drill a hole through the center marking where the hinge bolt will be installed. Repeat this process for each of the holes in the door for the hinge bolts.

We will continue in the second article with the installation of the hinge bolt plates and hinge bolts.