How to Install Hollow Metal Doors How to Install Hollow Metal Doors

What You'll Need
Wooden shims

Installing hollow metal doors on the outside of your house or apartment will not only make it look prettier, but it will also enhance safety and make it a more comfortable place to live.

Step 1–Set up Door Opening

Take down the old door with its frame from the door opening. Make sure the sides of the opening and the area under the door sill are perfectly level. As a rule, the opening should be at least 1 inch larger than the door frame. If it isn’t, use a hammer and a chisel to widen it up.

Step 2–Mount New Door

Apply strips of butyl caulk on the area where the sill will rest (lay the strips an inch inside the front and back edges of the sill). Add some caulk at the bottom of the opening’s sides (not more than two inches).

Insert the new door into the opening by placing its bottom part first and then pushing its upper part into place. Center the door and fix it in place by placing wooden shims beneath it. Stick shims under the sides of the door, especially where the hinges will be.

Examine all jambs. There must be a gap of one-eighth of an inch between the jambs and door edges. Secure the door permanently. Take three-inch screws and drive them into the shims at the hinge points and into the other shims beneath the door frame. Drive the screws only where there are shims or the door frame will get distorted with time. Don’t forget to fix the lock shim with screws as well

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