How to Install House Wrap

What You'll Need
House wrap
Utility knife

House wrap is a material that is used to cover the exterior of a house before the siding is put on. This material is used to prevent moisture from getting into the wood component of the house while allowing the house to breathe at the same time. Follow the simple steps below to effectively install house wrap. This project will be easiest if you have someone help you work.

Step 1 - Getting Started

To get started, you need to transport the rolls of house wrap to the job site. Take them out and spread them around the house. When you are ready to start working with a roll, have your assistant help you unroll it

Step 2 - Placing the House Wrap

You will need to start at one of the bottom corners of the house. For the easiest work, plan to go from left to right. Put the bottom corner of the house wrap about 2 inches past the corner in both directions. Then use your staple gun or hammer stapler to adhere the corner of the material in place. Continue stapling down the edge of the house wrap, periodically adding staples. 

Step 3 - Continuing the Job

When you get to the end of the roll, start another roll. You will need to overlap the ends of the roll by about 6 inches. This will help prevent moisture from getting into the crack between the rolls. When you get to windows and door openings, just go over the top of them with the house wrap.

Once you have done a complete row, go back to the beginning and put another row of house wrap on top of the first row. Overlap the first layer by about 2 inches to start out with, stapling it in place. When you do a row, make sure that you do not allow the house wrap to wrinkle or get out of alignment.

Step 4 - Working up High

When you get up to a certain point on the side of the house, you may need to use a ladder to continue the job. This is especially true if you have a two-story house. If you have 2 ladders and can work with a helper, this will be the easiest way to complete this portion of the job. 

Step 5 - Cutting the House Wrap

After you have completely covered the house with house wrap, you need to go back and cut out the openings for the doors and windows. With this process, you need to put staples all the way around the outside of the door or window opening to hold it into place. Then use a utility knife to cut out the house wrap that is covering the opening.