How to Install Indoor Outdoor Carpet around Your Pool

What You'll Need
Outdoor carpet adhesive
Utility knife
Carpet Roller
Rubber edging
Tape measure
Floor patch

Many people are turning towards indoor outdoor carpet for a variety of different applications. From boat floors to back porches, you can use the carpet for a lot of things. One popular use is to put it around the edge of a pool. The traction that it provides makes your pool a lot safer for children that could slip and hit their heads. It also provides a level of comfort that you can not get from any other type of floor. If you want to install indoor outdoor carpet around your pool, there are a few steps that you will have to follow. Here are the basics of installing indoor outdoor carpet around your pool.

Step 1- Determine How Much Carpet You Need

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you have detailed measurements to work with. Use the tape measure to get every dimension around the outside of the pool. Make a detailed diagram of the area that you plan to cover with the carpet. Once you have a drawing, you can figure how much carpet you will need. You can not just calculate the square footage of the space as carpet come in rolls. Outdoor carpet comes in 6 and 12 foot widths. Therefore, you will need to figure out how many lineal feet you need and then you will know how big of a piece to order. If you need help, take your drawing into a carpet specialty store and get assistance from someone there. 

Step 2- Order the Carpet

In the vast majority of cases, you will have to order the indoor outdoor carpet that you want. Most places do not carry it in stock and if they carry anything it will be one style and color. Just plan about a week or two in advance and prepare to order the carpet. You will also want to order the proper outdoor carpet adhesive for the job and rubber edging if you want that around the edges. 

Step 3- Prepare the Subfloor

Make sure that your subfloor is clean and free of debris. If everything is not level, you will want to level it out with some floor patch. The area needs to be dry as well so that the adhesive will stick.

Step 4- Spread the Adhesive

Take your trowel and spread out the carpet adhesive. Outdoor carpet adhesive is usually a little thicker and heavier than your regular carpet glue. Spread out just enough to cover the area that you are working with. You do not want to let any of it dry out.

Step 5- Lay the Carpet

Lay the carpet out into the area of glue that you have already spread. Press it down firmly into the glue. If you need to make a seam, use the straightedge to cut the two edges. Use your roller to roll the carpet and make sure that it is down in the glue. Once the carpet is down, you may want to use rubber transitions to surround the edge so that it will not come up.