How to Install Indoor Outdoor Carpet in a Boat

  • 2-8 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-350
What You'll Need
Utility knife
Tape measure
Outdoor carpet adhesive

Indoor outdoor carpet is one of the more versatile types of flooring available. You can put it on porches, sunrooms, around pools, and some people are now installing it on boats as well. If you own a boat, there is a good chance that the carpet will need to be replaced at some point. Carpet on a boat is under constant assault with sun and water, therefore, it will wear out in time. Putting a new piece of indoor outdoor carpet on the boat is something that you should be able to do with a little bit of work. Here are the basics of how to install indoor outdoor carpet on your boat.

Step 1 - Measure Your Boat

The first part of the process of installing your boat carpet is to measure the boat. You will need to get some pretty detailed measurements and be sure to include a little extra. You will probably want to add at least 6" on both directions just to make sure that you have enough to work with. Measure the sides of the walls and any cabinets that will be getting carpet also. Once you have the measurements, do a detailed diagram to help you determine how much you need. Indoor outdoor carpet usually comes in 6 and 12 foot widths. If you can get by with a 6' piece, this is ideal, but you may have to order a 12' piece.

Step 2 - Choose a Carpet

Some of the big box stores might carry a few rolls of indoor outdoor carpet in stock. Most of the other carpet stores are going to have to order a piece for you. Therefore, you will want to allow plenty of time to order the carpet instead of expecting to just go out and pick some up. Make sure that you order the proper type of carpet adhesive for an outdoor application as well.

Step 3 - Remove Old Carpet

Your boat will most likely have some carpet already installed on it. It is typically glued down very well and it will require some scraping on your part. Take your scraper and get around the edges of the carpet first. It might help to put a little bit of water under the edges while you are scraping to help release the glue. Make sure the area is clean and free of glue when you are done. Wipe it down with a rag to make sure it is smooth.

Step 4 - Lay the Carpet

Spread out the carpet adhesive on the surface of the boat. Make sure that there is plenty of glue all over the surface. Lay the carpet down into the glue and press it down firmly. Trim around the edges with your utility knife until you have a good fit. Take a roller or something heavy and roll over the top of the carpet to make sure that the carpet is down good. Then allow the job to sit and dry for approximately 24 hours.