How to Install In-Ground Pool Liners How to Install In-Ground Pool Liners

What You'll Need
Sandbox sand
Pool liner
Pool liner track system
Concrete drill bits
Wet and dry vacuum
Epoxy sealer

Pool ownership is costly and to keep costs down some homeowners will install inground pool liners themselves. Inground pool liners not only make the inside of the pool look nice but also protect the pool walls from fading and cracking. By installing an inground pool liner you'll add value to the pool and increase its longevity while improving its appearance. Here's how.

Step 1 – Install the Track System

Above ground pool liners are easy to install because there are metal clips that slide on to the edge of the pool wall. These metal clips slip on over the vinyl liner and keep it snug in place. Inground pool liners require a track system that has to be installed. These track systems essentially mimic the system of the above ground pool. Choose a track system that works best with the liner you purchased. Many inground pool liners will come with a track system so always choose a system and liner the correct size. Due to the differences of pool liners always follow the instructions included with the tracks. Typically, you will need to drill holes in the pool wall and attach the track with the provided screws.

Step 2 – Walk the Pool

Take time to walk inside the pool. Pay special attention to the pool walls. You are looking for any sharp edges that could ruin the pool liner. Do the same with the floor of the pool. If you find anything that could possibly damage the vinyl, use a sander to sand down these spots and then vacuum up the dust. As you do this; remove the face plates over the drains and set them aside.

Step 3 – Install the Pool Liner

You want a flat floor to avoid creases, and using sand in the bottom will help. Place sand in gashes first to fill them by packing it down. Spread the sand around the bottom of the pool so that there is about 2 inches of sand. Compact it and make it flat. Put the liner box in the shallow end and open the box. Remove the liner as it has been placed in the box. Once the liner is open all the way drag it to the deep end and center it. Line up the corners and the edges of the liner and secure to the track according to the instructions on the packaging.

Step 4 – Finishing the Installation

Inground pool liners work best if close to the features of the pool. Remove the drain plate on the outside of the pool and insert the vacuum hose. Use it to suck the air from under the pool liner. Continue until the liner is tight. Enter the pool and find the vents and cut away the liner covering them and replace the face plates. You can now fill the pool.

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