How to Install Interior Window Shutters Part 1

What You'll Need
Board for shutters
Tape measure
Hinge and latch

If you want to install indoor window shutters in your home, then you may be considering having them fitted, rather than struggling to put them in place yourself. The interior window shutters can make a great deal of impact in your home, and will certainly help to improve the quality of light which has been coming through the window itself. You may decide to install indoor window shutters in order to prevent people from looking into your rooms, or to keep the light off of important furnishings, but you should be able to install your window shutters by following some simple rules. The first part of these guidelines will deal with fitting up your window shutters, and constructing the frame, the second part with putting the shutters onto the window frame itself.

Step 1 - Pick Your Materials

Before you can begin to install your interior window shutters, you will need to purchase the basic essentials. Pick a nice wood, or some board of an attractive color, which you would like to have in your house on a regular basis. You will need something quite thick, in order to prevent the sun from penetrating, and you could also find something which will fit in with the rest of your furnishings when you come to fit your shutters. Pick up metal hinges and a latch at the same time, as these will be necessary when the shutters are installed.

Step 2 - Measure the Shutters

You will need to measure the shutters and the window in order to make sure that they are the same length all the way across. Take the measurements of the window first, as this length cannot be changed, while you may be able to alter the shutter length in order to fit the window. If you find that the window is too short to accommodate the shutter you have bought, then you can cut it down by removing some of the bottom part of the shutter.

Step 3 - Construct the Shutter Frame

Once you have all the parts measured, you will need to construct a shutter frame in order to place this around the window. The shutter frame should consist of some lengths of wood cut to the right shape, and then nailed against the window frame. You should be able to support the weight of the shutters on the shutter frame.

Step 4 - Make the Shutter

Remove the shutter frame from the window, and install the shutter into position on the floor. You should lay out all the parts of the shutter, and then get them into the correct alignment. You will be installing these into the window in part 2 of this guide, so for now just lay them out, and make sure that they are all well proportioned and at the correct angle.