How to Install Kenwood Car Speakers at Home

What You'll Need
Panel tool (only if you have to remove the door panel)
Door clip removal tool (only if you have to remove the door panel)
Wire Cutter / Stripper Tool (only if you have to splice wires)
Crimping Tool or soldering iron (only if you have to splice wires)
Connectors (only if you have to splice wires)
Electrical tape (only if you have to splice wires)

Kenwood car speakers are a favorite of many audio enthusiasts. Some say they are the easiest to install. They are also known for sound quality and being compatible with other brands of car stereo components. When installed properly they can boost your sound quality and last a long time.

Replacing the Door Speakers

Step 1 – Disconnect the Battery

Disconnect the negative battery terminal which protects the electronic components in your vehicle.

Step 2 – Remove the Speaker Grill

On the car door panel you will see a speaker grill. Put your screwdriver in the slot in the lower front corner of the grill and gently pry out the speaker grill. On some vehicles you will have to remove the door panel to access the speakers. In this case a door panel removal tool and a window and door clip removal tool will make the job easier.

Step 3 – Remove the Speaker

Remove the screws securing the speaker to the door.

Step 4 – Disconnect the Wires

Unplug the wiring connector on the back of the speaker. You will reuse this connector to install your new speaker.

Step 5 – Install the Wiring Harness

Attach the harness adapter to the wiring plug. You order this adapter, usually free of charge, with your speakers. Instructions with the adapter will show you how to connect the terminals of the existing wiring to the new speaker. In some cases you may need to splice wires to connect your new speakers.

Step 6 – Mount the Speaker

Mount the hardware adapter if needed. These adapters will help the new speaker mount securely in the hole left by the old speaker. When buying your speakers ask if a mounting adapter if needed for your vehicle. They are often free of charge.

Step 7 – Plug in the Speaker

 With the wiring harness connected to your new speaker, simply plug the other end of the harness into the factory wiring harness. 

Step 8 – Replace the Screws

Secure the speakers using the same screws.

Step 9 – Reconnect the Battery

Under the hood, reconnect the terminal to your battery.

Step 10 – Install Opposite Speaker

Follow the steps above and install the new speaker in the other door.

Step 11 – Test

Test the speakers to be sure all of the connections are correct. Turn on your stereo and make sure you have sound coming from the newly installed speaker.

Step 12 – Replace the Grill

When the speakers are working properly,  snap the grill back in place on each door.

Replacing the Dash Speakers

Replacing the dash speakers is very similar. The grill may be screwed down or have friction fittings that have to be pried up. Do this carefully to avoid damaging the dash. Then replace the speakers following the steps above for the door panel speakers. 

You did it. Now you can enjoy your favorite tunes in a whole new way.