How to Install Kitchen Garden Windows How to Install Kitchen Garden Windows

What You'll Need
A garden window
Basic tools such as a hammer, nails, saw and power drill
Waterproof flashing paper
Treated wood
Waterproof sealant
Measuring tape

Kitchen garden windows can give a very pleasant touch to your home. Installing them does not have to be particularly difficult or time consuming and with some basic knowledge in DIY, you should be able to do it yourself. With a kitchen garden window, you can enjoy beautiful flowers in your kitchen all year round. While garden windows can be installed anywhere in the house, they are best suited to the kitchen for various reasons. Simply follow a few simple steps to make your own.

Step 1-Taking the Measurements

To begin with, you need to measure the window opening accurately. Using the dimensions that you have measured, you can then order the appropriate garden window to fit your kitchen. Some houses which are not built to standard designs will need to have a kitchen garden window specifically designed for them. Alternatively, you may need to make alterations to the window space itself. Adjustments can be made to a certain degree during the installation process.

Step 2-Preparing the Window Opening

When you have all have the required tools and materials, you should then remove the old window. You will need to pry the frame from the outside of the window and this will need to be done carefully so not to break any glass. Using a utility knife, score away the painted edges on the outside of the window and remove the trim. Take out the aluminum frame. You may need a second person to help you with this as it will be a lot easier to have somebody holding the frame for you while you work on removing it. Finally, use the nail remover to remove the wooden frame left behind.

Step 3-Preparing for the Frame

Before you install the new window, draw an outline around the opening of the window. You can use this as a guideline before cutting the siding out with a power saw. You should add the treated wood to the opening of the window. Using the hammer and nails, attach it to the opening. It should be plumb to the frame. The waterproof flashing paper should be inserted behind all the siding. This needs to be taped in place and the silicone sealant should be applied to the edge of the opening providing a good seal to protect against weather.

Step 4-Inserting the New Window

You will need two people to do this. Lift the window into the opening while having a person hold each side of it. Secure the window firmly in place using screws which are not prone to rust. Place the screws through the flange and into the frame. Once this is installed, use the knife to remove any excess flashing paper. Finally, be sure to add sealant onto any filler strips before attaching the trim.

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