How to Install Kitchen Sink Drains How to Install Kitchen Sink Drains

What You'll Need
A high quality kitchen drain kit
Metal nuts
An assortment of rags
Commercial cleaning products
A stud wrench
A screwdriver
A strong pair of pliers

If you're planning to install kitchen sink drains in your home, you're probably dreading the costly plumber fees such a job is sure to entail. Well, put away your checkbooks household handymen, because with a helpful instructional guide and a good set of tools at your disposal, installing kitchen sink drains is a task of which you are fully capable.

Step 1 - Unscrew Your Kitchen Sink Basket

After confirming that the water supply to your sink has been cut off, use your spud wrench to carefully remove the metal nuts that hold your kitchen sink basket in place. Attach your pliers to the cross section located beneath the sink basket to secure it as you perform this step. Once your kitchen sink basket has been safely removed, you'll be ready to proceed with the next step.

Step 2 - Thoroughly Clean the Empty Area

Now that you've removed your old kitchen sink basket, you'll need to vigorously clean the area that was previously occupied by the basket before moving on. Use warm water and effective commercial cleaning products to give the newly vacant area a thorough cleaning. Make sure to scrub away any caked-on grime or plumbing putty, as failure to give the area a proper cleaning is liable to result in a leaky kitchen sink drain. After the area has been cleaned and given ample time to dry, you'll be free to move on.

Step 3 - Begin Installing Your New Sink Basket

Now that the area in which your sink basket will be placed is nice and clean, it's time to attach your news basket's primary washer, which should be included in your kitchen sink drain kit. Peel back the white strip on the backside of the washer to expose its adhesive coating, then use your screwdriver to attach it to the center of your new basket. Next, use your screwdriver or a pair of pliers to attach your rubber and cardboard washers to the sides of your basket. Once both washers have been attached to your basket, screw the basket into the vacant area with the aid of your metal nuts and stud wrench, again taking care to hold the basket in place by attaching your pliers to its cross section.

Step 4 - Apply Your Finishing Touches

You're almost finished. Now that your new basket is securely in place, use one of the pieces of pipe extension found in your kitchen sink drain kit, along with your metal nuts and spud wrench, to connect the basket to the basin of your kitchen sink. Be sure the appropriate washers have been screwed onto the sides of your pipe extension before using your wrench to connect the basket to the basin. Then, once again incorporating the aid of your spud wrench and metal nuts, attach a P-trap-which should be included in your kitchen sink drain kit-to the pipe extension. When attaching your P-trap, remember that the V-shaped washer connected to it needs to be facing downward.



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