How to Install Lattice Fence Panels

What You'll Need
Carpenter's Level
Circular Saw, Jigsaw
Tape measure
String Level
Drill, Screws
Hammer, Nails
Quick-setting Concrete
4x8 Treated Wood Lattice
2, 4x4 Treated Posts

Lattice fence panels can be useful for many purposes. They can hide imperfections in a yard, screen areas that you don’t want to display, provide privacy and support vine plants. They are lightweight and can be made of various materials such as Bamboo or Cedar wood. You can buy the ready made lattice fence panels and get them installed by a professional or you can do it yourself as well. Follow the directions below to understand the method for installing the Lattice Fence panels.

Step 1 – Determining the Area

First of all, you must determine the area where you plan to install the fence. Check the local rules related to allowed fence height and setbacks. Also, talk to your neighbors to decide the ownership and responsibility regarding the fences. Hire a professional for surveying your property and marking your boundaries, so that you don’t loose your investment to any street expansion or sidewalk installation. You must remember not to install your fences across or directly adjacent to the areas having underground wires or pipes.

Step 2 – Installing the Posts

If you are planning to install the panels that are freestanding, you must install posts for support. If your wood lattice panels are 4’ x 8’ in size, you must space the post holes about 8’ apart. Dig the post holes. Dig about 3’ down so that the tall posts above 6’ are provided more support and stability. For improving the drainage for your lattice fence, apply 2” of crushed stone to the post holes’ bottom. Now, you must set the 4 x 4 posts in the holes. You must align them properly and make sure that they are leveled with each other. Use a plum bob by hanging it from a spirit level for ensuring that the posts are at a 90 degree angel from the level ground. If on a slope, make sure that both the post tops decrease in the slope at the same ratio. Once you are done with alignment and leveling, use the quick setting cement for concreting in the posts. Allow the posts to set for at least a day before you proceed.

Step 3 – Screwing the Panels

Now, it is time for the installation of the panels. Prop the panels up against the posts. Determine the points on the panels where you need to drill holes for screwing the fencing to the posts and mark them. Once you have drilled the holes, screw the panels to the posts through them. If there is any excess of the panels above the ends, use a jigsaw to trim it.

Step 4 – Giving Final Touches

For making the fencing attractive, you can always affix any decorative post caps according to your choice. To give an appealing appearance to the fencing while protecting it from weather conditions, use a water sealer or protector. You must do this annually so that the wood fencing does not gray or lose its beauty.