How to Install LED RV Lights

What You'll Need
LED bulbs
LED light fixture

Installing your own LED RV lights will help you to save a lot of power and money. If you own an RV and are looking to make the change, follow the steps below to do this project on your own.

Step 1 - Buy Replacement Bulbs

Begin by buying new LED bulbs for all of the lights that you plan on changing out in your RV. Make sure that the bulbs are sized to fit into the current spots so you won't have to make any drastic changes. You can purchase these online or in many auto or hardware stores.

Step 2 - Remove Old Covers and Bulbs

Use a screwdriver to remove any covers that are keeping you from accessing the old bulbs. Then, unscrew each of the bulbs that you plan on replacing. Carefully follow any instructions regarding lightbulb disposal.

Step 3 - Install LED Lights

Now, replace the old bulbs with the new LED bulbs. Use a screwdriver to put on any covers that you had removed earlier.

Step 4 - Replace Wires

Unplug any of the wires that were attached in the actual light fixture. You may need a screwdriver to access it. Replace this fixture with an LED one, and hook up the wires from the new fixture to where you removed them before.