How to Install Lever Door Knobs

silver lever doorknob on wooden door
  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-50
What You'll Need
New lever lockset
Safety glasses
Dust mask
Tape measure
Hole saws
Lockset template

Lever door knobs work the same way as any other doorknob, but instead of a revolving knob, the lockset comes with a lever latch that allows users to pull or push the lever down to open the door. Lever door knobs can be installed easily when the task requires replacing an existing doorknob. However, if the door has never been installed with a doorknob, then the task requires drilling holes in the door. Here is how to do it.

Step 1 - Determining the Height of the Door Knob

Place the doorknob at the recommended height of 40 inches from the floor or any desired height that's comfortable. After determining the height, mark that height at the interior of the door and the door jamb horizontally to ensure that the installation will be even on both sides.

Step 2 - Drilling the Holes

Use a paper template or a lockset template to mark the holes to be cut. There will be three holes to be cut—one hole for the lockset, one for the latch, and one for the door jamb. Make sure to mark these three holes before cutting. To cut the lockset hole, use a hole saw that has the same diameter as the lockset. To make sure that the hole does not splinter when cutting, allow the hole saw to cut halfway through on one side first. Next, complete the hole by working on the other side of the door. Afterward, proceed with the hole for the latch using a smaller hole saw. Finally, on the door jamb, cut open a hole that is 5/8 of an inch.

Step 3 - Providing the Mortises

Mark the areas on the door edge and the door jamb to cut the mortises by using the template as a guide. Use a chisel to cut off about 1/8-inch of the wood on the mortise area. Proceed with the door jamb and chisel out the mortise as well.

Step 4 - Installing the Lever Door Knobs

Start by positioning the strike plate on the door jamb. Drill holes for the screws and tighten the screws to secure the plate. Next, work with the latch. Make sure that the beveled portion of the latch faces the door jamb. Next, insert the latch inside the latch hole on the edge of the door. Secure the latch by installing and tightening the screws.

Now install the lever spindle by inserting it on the outside portion of the lockset hole. Make sure that it is the external piece. Allow it to go through the latch. Insert the other piece of the lever knob on the interior part of the door and install the screws. Read the manufacturer’s manual to ensure that the correct pieces are installed properly. Test the device.