How to Install Lifting Mechanisms in Roman Shades

What You'll Need
Ready-made head rail or batten
Drill, screwdriver and screws
Double sided velcro strip, adhesive looped side, sewable hooked side
4 eyelet screws for lifting strings
10 yards of shade cord 1.2 mm diameter minimum
3 pull cord acorns: wood, plastic or metal
Seam binding loop tape (rings already attached), by the yard or meter
Cord cleat to secure strings

When making roman shades, bring patience and precision to the task of installing the lifting mechanism. This is the most important operation, after sewing them to the correct width, to ensure they will raise and lower smoothly. Follow the directions below closely to attach the lifting strings and link them to the head rail to open and close your roman shades.

Step 1: Hang the Head Rail in the Correct Position

Hang the shade head rail inside the window recess, attached to the underside of the window frame top for an inside mount. Affix the head rail to the wall above the window frame or to the top of the frame itself for an outside mount.

Step 2: Attach the Looped Velcro Strip to the Front of the Head Rail

Remove the protective backing from the velcro looped strip. Stick it on the front of the head rail so it is perfectly straight. Press down firmly to eliminate ripples and air pockets.

Step 3: Prepare the Shade for Attaching the Cord Loops

Cut 3 lengths of the seam binding loop tape, measured from the lowest dowel of the shade to the stitch line of the top hem. Pin the seam binding tapes onto the shade. Place 1 tape on each side, 2 inches inward from the outside edge. Place the third one centered between the outer tapes. Take care to align the loops horizontally with the dowels and in straight vertical lines up the shade. Sew these strips on by machine, stopping and starting over the dowels. Hand tack the seam binding loop tape above and below each dowel.

Step 4: Thread the Cord through the Loops

Cut 3 lengths of lifting cord. Each should be a total length of the entire shade's length plus its width. Securely knot each cord to one of the bottom loops on the vertical loop tape and run the cord up its own loop tape to the top loop.

Step 5: Attach the Shade to the Head Rail

Lift the shade up and press its hooked velcro strip onto the looped velcro strip on the head rail. Screw in the eyelet hooks to the head rail exactly in line with the 3 lifting cord rings. Add a fourth eyelet hook at the side where the cord pulls will be used. Run each cord through its own eyelet hook, and pass all 3 through the fourth eyelet hook. Cut the cords so they are even in length. Attach a pull cord acorn to the bottom of each cord and tie a triple knot to secure it. Fasten the cord cleat to the window frame well above the sill and wind the cords around it, out of reach of small children.