How to Install Lights in Duck Ponds How to Install Lights in Duck Ponds

What You'll Need
Ratchet attachment
Plastic ties
Combination tool
Bricks or small concrete slabs
Low-voltage lighting
Concrete drill bits
Concrete screws or bolts
Wire cutter
Wire caps
Wire stripper

Duck ponds are beautiful during the day, but they can be hard to see at night. It is easy to add lights to a pond on your own, but you must follow a few precautions to ensure that the results are safe and effective. Follow the simple steps below to do this project on your own.

Step 1 – Choosing the Lighting

Choosing the right lights for use in a pond is crucial. Floating lights are ideal for many water features, but they are not good for duck ponds. Ducks can peck at the fixtures, which could damage them. Other lights, like rock lights, can just be ineffective. The best choice for lighting a duck pond is underwater lights as they will not interfere with any of the wildlife in the pond and can even attract more to it. Choose a lighting kit instead of individual lights as the kits will include everything that you need to install them. Before you purchase the lights, make sure they are rated for underwater use.

Step 2 – Location

Lighting a pond is not an exact science. Take the time to consider where lighting would be most effective to illuminate the pond as much or as little as you want. Once you have determined where you want the lights to go, you will then be able to purchase the correct number of lights. You will then also be able to determine how many bricks or slabs you need.

Step 3 – Wire the Lights

Assemble the lights in one area. Cut the cord off of the end of one of the lights, and then split the wire and strip it. Use the wire stripper to remove the casing on the remaining wires of the lights. Twist the ends of the same colored wires together, adding extra wire as needed for the desired lengths. Use a wire cap to tie them together and then to the cord with a plug. Test the lights in a socket to make sure they work. Attach the cords together with the plastic ties.

Step 4 – Fasten the Lights

To properly light the pond, you will need to make sure the lights do not move. For this, use the bricks or slabs a weight. Place a light on one of the bricks or slabs and mark the screw holes. Use the drill to create pilot holes, and then replace the light, affixing it with either screws or bolts. Place the lights in the pond at the desired locations.

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