How to Install Locksets

What You'll Need
Hole saw
Combination square
Tape Measure
Safety goggles
Spade bit

Installing a lockset is a simple enough procedure that takes just a few minutes of your time, even if you're not very mechanically inclined. The two important variables when installing a lockset are the height of the knob above the finish floor and the distance from the center of the knob to the edge of the door. Most knobs are positioned a comfortable 36 or 38 inches above the floor. Make sure you check the height of other knobs in the house and keep it consistent. Follow the simple steps below to effectively install your own locksets.

Step 1: Identify the Material of the Door

Doors could be made of wood, fiberglass or steel. Therefore, it is imperative that you have the correct lockset in place.

Step 2: Prepare the Door

Open the door halfway, and put a shim between the floor and the door bottom to hold it steady. Measure up from the floor 36 inches or the height of other knobs in the house, and mark the door's edge. With a square, extend this mark across the door's edge and 3 inches onto one face.

Step 3: Mark the Edge and Face Bores 

Wrap the cardboard template supplied with the lockset around the door's edge. Using a nail, mark the center of the face bore on the door. Also mark the center of edge bore to mark the center of the edge bore on the door then remove the template.

Step 4: Drill the Face and Edge Bores

Using the hole saw, drill the face bore to create a hole through the door. Then from the edge of the door, drill into the edge of the door at medium speed until the tip of the bit emerges in the face bore.

Step 5: Cut the Latch Mortise and Install the Latch and Knobs

Outline the rectangular latch plate onto the door edge with a utility knife, and cut along the outline as using a chisel. The plate should be flat with the door edge when inserted into the finished mortise. Tighten the mounting screws on the knobs firmly.

Step 6: Install the Strike-Plate

Mark the jamb at the latch's midpoint and extend this mark across the jamb to the doorstop. Drill two partially overlapping 5/8-inch-deep holes, centered above and below the midpoint to make the strike-plate mortise. Finally, screw the plate in place.