How to Install Lumbar Back Support on a Car Seat

  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-50
What You'll Need
Lumbar Foam
Electric Knife
What You'll Need
Lumbar Foam
Electric Knife

Many car seats do not contain proper lumbar back support. This support will help you sit with the proper posture. They are specifically used to correct wrong posture which leads to pain in the lower back. This lumbar support is used so the driver or passenger does not slump but will sit in a straight position. This type of support has been incorporated into many new cars because people spend more time in the cars now. If your car lacks lumbar back support, you can add it.

Step 1 – Finding the Support Padding

There are many different types of lumbar support and which one you choose will depend on your preference. Some manufacturers will offer it as an optional feature, though it is slowly becoming standard in many vehicles. Some lumbar support can be adjusted while others are fixed. Most lumbar support comes in the form of cushions. Memory foam is very popular. This foam is heat sensitive so when your body comes into contact with it the foam will layer to the exact shape of that individual.

Step 2 – Form it to Your Back

Most lumbar support will come as foam and you can shave it to the correct thickness and shape of your back. Test it out on the seat and shape it to the proper size. Foam shops may cut it down for you free of charge but if not you can easily cut it with an electric knife.

Step 3 – The Seat Cover

In order to install the newly shaped foam you will need to pull out the seat cover. With most cars you can achieve this by pulling the cover out of the retaining fold that is found at the back of the chair. You do not need any special tools to do this. You will also need to pull out the plastic retainer or base that may be on the bottom of the back seat.

Step 4 – Insert the Lumbar Support

To completely lift the seat cover enough you may need to remove some plastic clips keeping it to the seat. Cut away the fabric tie down at the center of the seat and insert your foam. Once the foam is in place you can replace the clips and tuck the seat cover back into places. Your seat will show a new bulge where the foam was placed.

Step 5 – Other Cushions

It is not necessary to put the lumbar support in the seat. There are many cushions that you can place behind you that will provide support. This is particularly useful if several people drive the same car and not everyone needs additional lumbar support or support at the same location. If you travel around a lot then you can still take the lumbar cushion with you so you have the proper support no matter where you are. These cushions tend to be in a half moon shape.

Step 6 – Seat Covers with Lumbar Support

Another alternative to opening up your car seat and inserting lumbar support is to get a seat cover with lumbar support in it. This is very similar to a portable lumbar support cushion. You can find seat covers that exactly match your current car interior.