How to Install Mahogany Wood Flooring

What You'll Need
Mahogany wood flooring
Flooring nailer
Tape measure
Rubber mallet
Nail set

Mahogany wood flooring provides a very unique and beautiful look for any home. You can install mahogany wood flooring by yourself, with the proper knowledge. Here are the basics of how to install mahogany wood flooring successfully.

Step 1: Determine How Much to Buy

Before you can do any installation, you need to purchase the right amount of flooring. You should spend some time with this calculation because you do not want to come up short. Take your tape measure and use it to get the length and the width of the room. Multiply the two numbers together to get the square footage of the room. You will then want to add approximately 10 percent of that figure so that you will have enough for cuts and waste.

Step 2: Acclimation

Once you purchase your floor, you need to bring it into the room in which it is going to be installed. Leave it in the room for about two days before you start installation so that it can acclimate to the humidity and temperature.

Step 3: Preparation

You are going to need to prepare the room properly before you can install the mahogany wood flooring. Take up any carpet or other flooring that you have in the room. Take off the baseboards or quarter round as well. Remove all of the furniture and other belongings from the room. You will also need to put a layer of felt on the floor. This will provide a moisture barrier and a little bit of cushion under the wood.

Step 4: Start Installing

You will need to start installing the wood in a corner of the room. In most cases, you will want to run the mahogany wood flooring against the direction of the floor joists. This will provide adequate support for the weight of your floor. Put a board down in the corner of the room. Place a wedge on both sides of the board between it and the wall. This is necessary so that the floor will have plenty of room to expand and contract after it is installed. Nail the board down to the floor through the face of the board. Use a nail set to hide the head of the nail. Continue laying boards in this manner to form a row. When you get to the end of the row, you will need to cut a board with your saw to fit.

Step 5: Next Rows

When you do the next row, you need to stagger the boards so that the end joints do not meet up. Tap the boards together with a rubber mallet before you nail them. When you are about three rows into the job, you should be able to use your flooring nailer to nail diagonally through the tongue of the boards. Keep making rows until you have covered the entire floor.

Step 6: Completion

At this point, you should be able to clean up and remove your wedges from around the outside of the room. You will then want to install baseboards or quarter round so that you can cover up the gap.