How to Install Mirror Tiles

What You'll Need
Mirror Tiles
Tape Measure
Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape
Glass Cutter (Optional)
Safety Gloves
Safety Goggles

Add space and light to any wall in your home with the addition of mirror tiles. As well as acting as a great light reflector, mirror tiles are also fantastic for creating the impression of extra room and can look great in bedrooms or bathrooms. Mirror tiles are incredibly easy to install and require very little by way of maintenance.

Step 1– Measuring

Measuring the wall to be tiled is an important aspect of this procedure and gathering the correct measurements will eliminate the possibility of purchasing too many tiles for the job.

Record the total height and width of the wall in question and work out how many mirror tiles will be needed to completely cover the area. Most mirror tiles are square shaped and measure 12 inches by 12 inches although larger styles are available for bigger areas. Tiles can be purchased at most local DIY outlets.

Step 2–Select a Pattern

Decide in advance on the pattern you intend to use. Although block patterns are the most popular choice amongst homeowners, it is also possible to use diamond-shaped designs. The more imaginative DIY enthusiast may wish to stretch their skills even further.

Choosing the right pattern will also help in the purchase of the correct number of mirror tiles.

Step 3– Clean and Make a Plumb Line

Before adding mirror tiles to a wall, it is important to make sure that the old surface is clean. Scrape off any loose paint or wallpaper before starting.

Once the surface is prepared, drop a plumb line down one side of the wall and mark the straight edge with a pencil. Once a straight line has been established, you may begin installing your mirror tiles starting at the bottom corner adjacent to the penciled line.

Step 4– Securing Tiles in Place

Use heavy duty double side tape and place five small cuts onto the rear of each mirror tile with one piece in each corner and a further piece in the centre of the tile.

Remove any backing from the double sided tape and place the tile with one edge aligned against the straight line. Press firmly to the wall to ensure good adhesion.

Make sure that safety gloves are worn whenever mirror tiles are being handled. Mastic adhesive will also suffice for sticking mirror tiles to walls.

Step 5– Work in Columns

Continue adding additional mirror tiles to the wall working in vertical columns. The second tile should be added over the first tile, the third over the second and soon until a column is completed. Remember to carry on using the penciled line for easier installation.

The second column should begin adjacent to where the first column began. Continue using this method until the wall is complete.

Step 6 – Cutting Tiles

If the need to cut a mirror tile arises, simply score the glass using a glass cutter running against a straight edge and snap off gently for a perfect edge. Remember to wear safety goggles for this particular procedure.