How to Install Motorized Vertical Blinds

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Electric drill
Motorized vertical blind set

Motorized vertical blinds can be a great boon to a home, as they are fully adjustable to regulate the amount of light than enters a room or a space. These blinds have the benefit of not requiring manual contact to raise them or lower them, making them the perfect selection for a window that is in a hard to reach or high up part of the home, or for someone who has difficulty adjusting the blinds under normal circumstances. While it may seem that installing motorized vertical blinds is a difficult process, this procedure can be done at home with some simple tools.

Step 1 - Measure the Space

The first thing that you should plan to do before you begin to set up your vertical blinds is to measure the space that they'll be set up in. Measure the width of the area above the window that you plan to hang the blinds over, and then measure the width of the blinds themselves. Make sure that there is adequate room in order to install the blinds.

You should measure out the distance between the two bolts on the top portion of the blinds, where they will attach to the wall. Using your tape measure and a level, mark out the areas where the bolts will be installed into the wall with a pencil such that the two marks are exactly even with one another.

Step 2 - Drill Holes for the Bolts

Use your electric drill and a drill bit of the size recommended in the instructions for the motorized vertical blinds to drill a hole at each of the two points that you marked on the wall previously. Make sure to drill the holes deep enough that the entirety of each of the two bolts will be able to fit inside of them.

Step 3 - Hang the Blind Support

Install the bolts into the two holes according to the instructions in the blinds kit. You'll next need to attach the support system that runs between the two bolts and which will support the blinds themselves. Make sure that the support system is fully secured before you attempt to fix the blinds to it.

Once you're sure that the support system is properly set up, attach the blinds in place on the support system. Plug the blinds in to the nearest power outlet or outfit the control mechanism with batteries of the appropriate size.

Step 4 - Test for Level

Once the blinds are hung, check on the level of the blinds once again to make sure that they're entirely even. If so, check on the remote control for the blinds to make sure that it has the appropriate batteries in it. Finally, test out the blinds to be sure that they can extend to their full range and contract all the way as well.