How to Install New Swamp Cooler Pads

What You'll Need
New swamp cooler pads
Measuring tape
Screw driver
Mesh Screen that is size of pads

If you need to install new swamp cooler pads then there is a quick and easy way to do it. A swamp cooler is a great way to help cool a home while keeping your air conditioning bill down. You will however have to do some maintenance on the cooler by installing and then changing out the pads once in a while. Here are a few steps to help get you through the process with ease.

Step 1 - Locate Pads or Position

You will first need to open up your swamp cooler. If you have already installed the cooler pads before and you are installing new ones then you can locate the old ones. If this is the first time, you can measure the section where the pads go with the measuring tape and then take those measurements to the hardware store to buy new pads that are the correct size. You should probably get pads that are little bit bigger then they need to be because you can just fold them back a little while you are installing them and it won't hurt at all. While you are checking the pad measurements though you can also check to make sure everything else is working properly inside.

Step 2 - Install Pads

If you have old pads in there then you can unscrew the mesh screen and take the pads out and wipe out the inside and then replace with new pads. If you are installing for the first time you will want to put the pads in and then cover the mesh over the pads and then drill the screws in there so that the mesh will hold the pads on.

Step 3 - Check the Pads and Clean

Now that you have secured the pads under the mesh you can make sure that nothing is sticking out where it doesn't belong. If it is you do not want to cut anything. Instead, just stick it back under the mesh carefully and fold it under so that it will stay. Now you can clean the area around in case dirt or debris from the old pads got into the swamp cooler.

You will want to make sure that you are not just maintaining the swamp cooler but also the swamp pads every few months. They will have to be replaced but in between replacing them you can take them out and clean or vacuum them to make sure that they are staying clean and that the air that is being circulated is staying clean as well. Often times it is easiest to buy the swamp cooler pads in bulk so that you do not have to remeasure every time and go back. Having a year or so worth of pads is easier.