How to Install Parallel Joists for Temporary Support How to Install Parallel Joists for Temporary Support

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Circular saw
Joist hangers
Safety gloves

Parallel joists are essential for a temporary support when you are building a new room in your home. Basically they are set in place to give the joists somewhere to rest. If you are doing any work at home that requires you install parallel joists for a temporary support, here are a few tools and materials that you will need, along with some steps that can help to guide you through the process:

Step 1 - Measure

Begin by measuring the area that you will be working in. One trick to getting the best measurement is to measure in 3 different places for the length and the width. Measuring the middle from wall to wall and then on each end from wall to wall will ensure that you have the right figured.This will help you decide how many joists that you will need for the total project so that you can purchase them from the hardware store. Typically you will want the joists to be 2 by 8 inch or 2 by 10 inch boards. You can find the boards at any hardware store near you and even on line if you want to order them. 

Step 2 - Attach Header

Once you know how many you will need, you can begin attaching. To attach the header, you can move the board so that the wider side of the board is perpendicular to the sill. It will need to be stood on its end in order to so this. You may need to have someone help you during this step to move it.

Step 3 - Cut

Measure from the far edge of the girder and the header on one wall. You will have to do this for each one of the joists going down. Repeat this step until all of them have been completed. Once you have the measurements for them, you can cut each board. It helps to mark them with a pencil as you go to help you cut later on. Wear gloves and goggles during the cutting stage so that you don’t get anything in your eyes.

Step 4 - Lay

Measure from the outside of the edge of the first joist all of the way to the wall. You will want to measure several times to check. Again, use a pencil to help mark your measurements. Continue to do this process for the other wall as well. Use joist hangers to install.

Step 5 - Nail

When the joists are laying side by side to each other, you will want to nail them together with a hammer. If you are having trouble with the nailing process, you can either use a clamp or have a friend help you hold them down as you nail them. Another option is also to use a nail gun with an air compressor that will make the process go by quickly and smoothly. Be sure to wear the safety goggles and gloves during this step.

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