How to Install Patio Misters

What You'll Need
Tube with attached filter
Misting nozzles
Hanging clamps or clips
Hose washer
Drill driver

A patio mister is a simple little device that puts out a refreshing spray of mist to help you cool down on a hot summer day. The mist is fine enough that it won’t get your clothing wet. One of the more common places to see them is at amusement parks, where they keep people cool waiting in long line for rides, but homeowners will find them just as useful for keeping a patio or backyard comfortable during a barbecue. Most of the items required can be purchased in a single kit.

Step 1 – Flush Tubing

The tubing may have acquired unwanted sediment while it its packaging, so begin by flushing the tube out. Because the mister nozzles have such fine holes, even the smallest obstructions can block them up. Screw the tube with the attached filter into an outdoor faucet or hose, placing the hose washer in between, and let the water run through it for 30 seconds. Turn off the water and unscrew it so you can install.

Step 2 – Attach Misting Nozzles

There should be a number of joints in the tube, where sections of tube meet with small holes in them. Attach the misting nozzles by snapping or screwing them in place. Do this by hand and not with a tool, as the nozzles and tube are delicate, and nothing should be tighter than finger-tight.

Turn on the water. Mist should be produced. Adjust the pressure and make sure the nozzles are staying in place.

Step 3 – Hang the Mister

Once you’re satisfied everything’s in working order, turn off the water and take your assembled mister to the desired location. This should be an elevated spot, to allow gravity to do some of the work of releasing the mist. Awnings, pergolas and arbors make good spots, or even on the eves above you patio. Some clips or clamps attach with a screw or nail, and some can clamp onto a thin projecting surface, such as the sides of sun umbrella. Attach the tube to the elevated surface with the clips placed midway between the nozzles.

Step 4 – Start the Flow

Your outdoor mister is now ready for use. Adjust the water pressure to create a fine mist and not a dribble or a spray. The system needs to be kept indoors during freezing temperatures, as the expansion of ice may tear the tube, and the nozzles should be removed and cleaned at least once a year, as sediment that may impede the flow of water will build up over time.