How to Install Paver Stones over a Column

What You'll Need
Power washer
Wire brush
Fiberglass lath
Sharp utility knife
Galvanized roofing mails
Wet saw

A basic column on your house can easily be covered up by installing paver stones, which will effectively hide the column with a new, more eye appealing paver stone wall. Decorating the existing column on your porch for your home may work to make your home more appealing by sprucing up your home's entrance way. Please make sure that no deeper issue is at stake in your old columns before going on to the installation. This task may seem to be a little daunting at first, but the average homeowner can easily accomplish this job within a matter of hours, depending upon the size and numbers columns that you plan to cover up.

Step 1 - Clean the Column

Begin by cleaning the existing column. Use a wire brush and scrap off all loose debris and then use the power washer to clean it the rest of the way. During this step, if you notice any substantial damage to the column you may have to change your plans because a bigger issue may be present, and covering it up would not solve the support problem.

Step 2 - Wrap the Column

Wrap the entire existing column with fiberglass lath. Cut it to exact dimensions with a sharp utility knife and secure it in place with galvanized roofing nails, making sure to place a nail every six inches. This gives the mortar a foundation to stick to, which gives the paver stones a backing to secure to.

Step 3 - Apply Mortar

Mix the mortar with water in a bucket or wheelbarrow, following the instructions on the bag, until you have a paste like mixture. Apply the mortar onto the fiberglass lath, being sure to spread a thin layer evenly on all the faces of the existing columns. While applying use the edge of the cement trowel so that it forms small lines running throughout the base coat.

Step 4 - Install Paver Stones

Using a wet saw to make any cuts, begin installing the paver stones one row at a time. Apply mortar to all the edges of the paver stones and press them tightly together as you build the new wall. Be sure to leave enough overlap on the outer edges to allow for the next side to be joined into the paver stone wall correctly.

Step 5 - Design

This is where you decide how you want to form the design for the new column walls. When installing the rows above the starter row make sure that the joints do not match up, otherwise the sky is the limit on how you decide to cut a piece the paver stones together to form the new exterior look. Whether you decide to use various colors, various designs, or to even have the paver stones etched after completing, the basic installation is the same.

Installing paver stones over the top of an old existing column is an easy task that any average homeowner can accomplish. Paver stones are much more eye appealing, and will add extra stability to the structure that the existing column is holding up.