How to Install Pergola Shades How to Install Pergola Shades

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Cement mix
Posthole digger

Pergolas are very popular decorative and practical accessories in gardens, and apart from being able to choose their size and material there are also additional options to consider, such as adding pergola shades. Installing pergola shades is not an overly difficult task, as we shall be describing here.

Step 1: Measure and Purchase the Shades

First of all you have to purchase the shades according to the size you need. So, make sure to measure the part where you wish to install them and to take into account which angle you will prefer them to be. You will need the water to drip from their upper level after a rainfall, so you will need to tilt them slightly. Through it all make sure to bear in mind the angle and effect of the sun's rays on that area.

Step 2: Attaching the Shades

There are various kinds of shades which can be used. Various brands produce pergola shades which are very easy to install since they have a loop which can be inserted easily into one of the ends of the pergola. These will then need to be secured by tightening screws through them. Afterwards you have to make the shade as straight as possible by pulling it outwards and fasten it to posts. The posts can be most commonly made from wood or galvanized steel.

Step 3: Digging the Holes for the Posts

Use a posthole digger in order to dig holes in the ground where you will set up the posts to fix the pergola shades to. The place where the posts will be fixed will play an important part on the ultimate result, so make sure that the shades once attached will be properly pulled so as to avoid creases and rather unsightly looks.  

Step 4: Fixing the Posts

Afterwards partly fill the hole with a mixture of cement. Then, insert the post, pressing down so as to encompass its base with the cement. Some may prefer to fix the posts at an angle. In that case tilt each post a bit downwards, while trying to make them equal to one another. You may need to have someone give you a helping hand to do this part of the task well. At this point you can fill the remaining part of the hole with the mixture of cement. Leave it to dry well so that the post will have been fixed securely. 

Step 5: Securing Shades to the Posts

Once the posts have been fixed you can now attach the shades to them by means of hooks. Pull the shades so as to apply tension and make them as straight and as neat as possible. A tensioning tool may come in handy. Also, bear in mind that you may need to adjust the shades so as to reapply some more tension from time to time.

Pergola shades have the advantage of providing protection against the sun's rays and also from strong winds. This is not only beneficial to have a covered area in your garden but also in case you would like to offer some protection to any underlying plants and flowers which could otherwise be ruined.

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