How to Install Piano Finish Laminate Floors How to Install Piano Finish Laminate Floors

Piano finish laminate flooring has a very high gloss finish, much like a piano has. It is one of the new generation of laminate floors that offers a unique and beautiful look. Piano finish laminate floors are floating floors, that is, they are not nailed down. Room must be allowed for expansion at all walls and where the floor joins another flooring material by leaving a gap of ½ to ¾ of an inch. These gaps are covered with trim pieces.

Surface Preparation

Laminate floors can be installed over wood, concrete, vinyl or linoleum. The surface must be clean and flat: any low spots have to be built up. It is best to leave the packaged flooring in the room for a few days, so that it will adjust to the humidity in the room. To muffle the sound of walking an underlayment is applied and the seams are taped.


A tape measure, safety goggles, utility knife, a carpenter’s square, chalk line and a hammer will be needed, as well as a tapping block to snap the pieces together. Saws should have carbide tipped blades. You will also need a pull bar to install the last piece of flooring. Make sure you measure carefully.

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