How to Install Piping in a Tub Drain

What You'll Need
Plumbers putty
Tub drain
Nuts and washers
Tub drain kit

Over time, you may find that your tub drain may be suffering from clogging and corrosion. This is something that can be easily remedied as long as you know the proper steps and own the proper tools necessary to do the job. A lot of the work will have to do with the type of tub drain that you happen to have installed in your tub. Most people will be able to do the work for most different types of tubs without having to consult a professional.

Step 1 - Tub Drain Types

The first thing that you will have to do is determine what type of tub drain that you are going to be working with. Once you have done this you will be able to move on to the more specific aspects of the job. In order to figure out what type of tub drain you are working with you will have to look for a trip lever. This is a sealing type of mechanism that will stop up the water. It will be located right above your actual drain. The other types of drains include foot lock drains, drains that lift and turn, and roller ball drains. The lift and turn drain, as the name states, requires you to lift and turn the actual drain. The foot lock as well as the roller ball drains will require you to push down on the drain.

Step 2 - Pipe Installation

working on bathtub drain

Any type of drain you happen to purchase will more than likely come with the parts that you will need in order to get the job done. You will need to purchase a PVC pipe set. It is called a tub drain kit. The longer part of the rod in the kit will be to connect the drain stopper to the link. You will insert the entire assembly into the actual overflow tube. Be sure that you are aware of the overall length of the linkage. It cannot be too short or it will not hold water, if it is too long, the water will drain slowly and may cause clogs.

Step 3 - Seal

Keep some plumbers putty nearby so you are able to ensure there is a water tight seal. Install the trip lever as well as the drain by screwing them into the tub and adding plumbers putty to seal it.

Step 4 - Trip Lever Installation

Have your trip lever installed before you install the drain.Use putty as well as screws for this task. The drain base and the lifter rod will need to be attached before you do any sealing with the trip lever port. Once you have done this, you will be able to seal and fit in the drain into the drain hole.