How to Install Polarized Prescription Lenses Into your Welding Goggles

What You'll Need
Specialty Lenses
Measuring Tape
Number to Optometrist

Welding goggles are a necessary part of welding. Unfortunately, if you happen to wear glasses they can become a pain. You will find that your glasses can easily slip off or become crooked while you are in the middle of welding. That is why it is usually a good idea to get polarized prescription lenses installed into your welding goggles. If you weld often it may be is a splurge that you can’t afford not to make.

Step 1 – Get Lenses

One of the most difficult steps is getting the actual lenses made. You will need to make sure that they are polarized, since this is what will protect your eyes from the light and the heat of the welding. You will be able to find this online or even in your phonebook. Look for places that specialize in making lenses for this type of use. You will need to get your glasses prescription from your optometrist before you call to get the lenses themselves made.

Step 2 – Get Measurements

Make sure that you are able to get the accurate measurements so that the lenses will be able to fit into the welding mask correctly. You can either pop the lenses out yourself to do this or simply make sure that the place that you call knows what type of mask or helmet that you are using.

Step 3 – Call around

Whenever you are in doubt, simply call up your optometrist and ask them what they suggest you do or where you can go. Often, an eye doctor knows a lot of different places that you will be able to get specialty lenses made for all different types of things. Whether it be goggles or masks.

Step 4 – Other Options

You can also call up your optometrist and ask about contacts. You may need to invest in some contacts if you do not want to get specialty lenses made for your welding mask. You will first need to see if this is something that your doctor will be able to suggest for you. Some people are unable to wear contacts simply because they are not comfortable in them or because of a medical condition. It is important that if you do happen to switch to contacts that you are completely comfortable in them before you attempt to weld. Take a few days to get used to them before you try to do anything else.

Step 5 – Use Welder’s Hood

If you do not feel comfortable or if you are medically unable to wear contacts then you may want to consider a different option. These specialty lenses can be expensive, so if you not wish to spend the extra money then you may want to consider investing in a welder’s hood. You will be able to wear your glasses more comfortably underneath the hood. It is not as tight fitting and allows for a more comfortable fit for your glasses to stay put.