How to Install Prehung Wood Doors How to Install Prehung Wood Doors

What You'll Need
Wood shim
Carpenter's level
Carpenter's square
Tape measure
Wood putty
Finishing nails
Small pry bar
Framing level

Prehung wood doors are doors that are already on hinges. Under normal circumstances, you would need to hang the door yourself as well as install the trim and doorjambs. A prehung wood door makes the job happen a lot faster. The following article will show you how to install prehung wood doors.

Step 1 - Choose the Right Prehung Wood Doors

In order to properly install prehung wood doors, you first need to know what size doors you need. Start by removing the trim around the current door as well as the doorjambs. Use the small pry bar to lift them out and away from the wall. Once you clear away these items, you can obtain the proper measurements.

Use the tape measure to measure the height and the width of the opening, as well as the thickness of the wall. You can now take a trip to the lumberyard or home improvement store to look at the prehung wood doors they have. Ask the shop clerk to show you the doors that will fit your dimensions so you do not waste time. Make sure you have the tape measure with you so you can double check the measurements of the door you might purchase.

When you get home, proceed with the appropriate option in Step 2.

Step 2a - Install a Single-Jamb Door

Place the purchased door inside the opening. Use the wood shims to aid in centering the prehung wood doors and holding them in place. Make adjustments to the door's position according to the level and the square. The door has to be as plumb and true in the frame as you can make it. After you adjust the door, you will continue to use the wood shims to keep it in place and level.

Drive several nails partially through the shim and jamb on the hinge side of the door. These will hold the door in place temporarily. Use the framing square to check the remaining jambs. Close the door and make sure the gap is the same all around. Adjust the shims as needed. Then use six nails to attach each side of the jamb to secure the door. Trim the wood shims, install the trim and countersink the nails with a nail set and wood putty.

Step 2b - Install a Split-Jamb Door

The half of the jamb that has the door attached to it is installed the same way as the single-jamb door. Slide the second jamb in place and cover the joint between the doors with the molding provided. You can then countersink the nails as above with the nail set and wood putty.

Step 3 - Finish the Job

With the prehung wood doors properly installed, you can now finish the project. You can sand, paint or stain the wood doors as you would like.

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